Time on the Las Vegas Strip

I arrived in Las Vegas in March from the Philippines. It was perfect timing! I got here a week before the Covid lockdown grounded planes. But it was unlucky in the sense that Las Vegas closed and it hasn’t been the same since.

No clubs. Hardly any bars. No shows… bummer.

But I still get down to the strip occasionally for shopping and browsing.

My favorite hotel is Caesars Palace! I love the Forum Shoppes.

I recently ate at Hells Kitchen. So expensive! My God! I will post a video about that soon.

At the Caesars Palace center bar, slipping my mask down for a selfie

Here is a short youtube video of a walk around the strip. It’s long after the Covid lockdown but the strip remains slow!

Paris is my second favorite. I like sitting at the center bar and enjoying a glass of wine.

The Paris Las Vegas Center Bar

Someone told me to get started in the casino business that I should become a hostess. What do you think?

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