Convict Lake!

On one of our recent trips to Lake Tahoe, we decided to take a detour up the Eastern Sierra to check out Convict Lake. Maybe we’ll stop at the campground there next spring!

Fall Colors at Convict Lake!

As has become the normal, we brought a picnic. This time it was Pancit and Bulalo!

Cooking our lunch at Convict Lake!

We have a simple and cheap stove for cooking our lunch that we take on backpacking trips as well. Even when there is a fire and stove ban due to wildfires, this little stove remains unnoticed.

Some of the gear we use on our lake outtings:

After lunch, we hiked to the back of the lake and under the canopy where the leaves were beginning to fall.

The area was beautiful, but I’m not certain about all of the guests. A drone and a dog wanted to lessen our experience. Remember, recreation areas are for everyone!

Fisherman’s Trail at Convict Lake, California

After our hike, we explored the campground and found our future campsite. We also checked out the marina and found boat rentals to be so expensive. Fishermen really pay $400 per day for a boat?

For more information on Convict Lake Rentals and Resort.

At the campground, we ran into some friendly deer!

Deer at Convict Lake Campground

I liked the campground. I think we will come back in the spring and stay. The campsites were clean and spread out, with bear boxes and fire pits.

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